Write a news report about a bank robbery

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Write a news report about a bank robbery

Business Robbery The Albuquerque Police Department is committed to apprehending robbers in an effort to provide businesses a safe workplace environment. However, the business community can have a tremendous influence on preventing crime by creating policies and procedures that will discourage criminals from targeting the establishment.

The concept of Community Policing has never been more important than it is today. Combining community and police cooperation in an effort to solve problems, share the responsibility of preventing crime, and establishing partnerships can create an environment that will reduce the threat of robbery and violence in the workplace.

The following items are suggested to prevent crime before it occurs, reduce the threat of employee injury, and increase the probability of apprehending the offender. Natural Surveillance - People must be able to see illegal acts taking place to defend property or to prevent crime.

Surveillance puts the offender under threat of being observed, identified, and apprehended. Territoriality - People have an innate desire to protect or defend space they occupy or work. Territoriality involves establishing ownership of space and can be encouraged by activities and management techniques that reduce large impersonal spaces to smaller spaces that people can personalize and protect.

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The use of pavement treatments, landscaping, signage, and fences will help to define and outline the property. Access Control - The placement of barriers to make it more difficult for potential offenders to commit crime.

Maintenance - A well-maintained space that appears to be "owned " by someone who cares about the property will attract legitimate law abiding users while discouraging illegitimate or disruptive users.

A positive image is a significant deterrent to criminal behavior. Have a system that requires employees to drop money in a secure place once the limit has been surpassed.

write a news report about a bank robbery

Establish a disciplinary procedure for employees that violate this system. Let customers know you don't keep large sums of money available. Vary the time of bank drops and deposits.

Develop a key control procedure that addresses distribution and retrieval. Monitor who has a key, for what purpose, and return when an employee leaves or the task is complete.

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Lock the doors at closing, even if customers are still present. Unlock the door for each customer as they prepare to exit the store.

If the store operates late at night, limit access through a single door. If an access window is available, lock all doors and conduct business through the window.

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Notice suspicious behavior during operating hours. Focus on the interior and exterior of the facility. Examples of suspicious behavior include loitering outside, excessive restroom travel, and diversionary tactics.

Report all suspicious behavior to the police. Call for emergency's and COPS for non-emergencies. Always have at least two employees working at all hours of operation.

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Having two people working is advantages during medical emergencies. It also creates a safer environment for staff and your store will be less of a target for offenders. Advise staff to walk to their vehicles with an escort or friend after hours.Many Nigerians, together with Senate President, Bukola Saraki, have since criticised the police demanding to understand how the suspect died.

Saraki, who had been allegedly named by some of the suspects as their sponsor, demanded a probe of the death. Update-- Charles County Sheriff’s detectives have charged Mortimer Mumpford Wade, 20, of Accokeek, with armed robbery, assault, and theft in connection with the bank robbery that occurred on.

The Nigeria Police on Thursday reacted to Senate President Bukola Saraki call that the death of the principal suspect in the Offa bank robbery, Michael Adikwu, cannot vindicate him. Offa Robbery: How suspect died in custody; what police say should worry Saraki: National Daily - The Nigeria Police Force has revealed how an armed robbery and murder suspect in Offa Bank Robbery died in custody on police custody.

A bank robbery was attempted by miscreants at the Kerur BDCC bank in Badami taluk, Bagalkot district. The robbers entered the bank by breaking open the rear window and tried to cut open the bank. Essay on A Bank Robbery. It was early morning on Friday. The State Bank had just opened. There was quite a big rush of customers Related Articles: An Essay on the Bank.

Navigation. As soon as the news of the dacoity spread, the police rushed to the place. They interrogated the .

Four men killed in Ekiti bank robbery. | Control Newspaper