The sandman paul berry essay help

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The sandman paul berry essay help

KammiJ This essay is based on animated short film The Sandman by Paul Berry that was another one of my written pieces for English. This brings the feeling of tension to viewers as a muffled sound resembling the frigid wind is heard within the scene creating a sense of mystery for the audience as well as a slight feeling of awareness to mind.

I feel this is a deliberate attempt to set the scene by the director to give the audience a clue relating to following events. As the title screen appears it is shown in a prominent slashed font as if being engraved in by a daggered knife.

The edges of each letter are specifically sharp pointed because it emphasises the genre to be thriller related to viewers and therefore builds up tension as further events have yet to be revealed. Its bright blue colour brings a cold and fearful atmosphere to the room as the boldness of the title stands out from the pitch black backgroundbringing concern because black is such a strong representative colour of negativity.


When first introduced to the house the camera uses an extreme long shot to show viewers the location of all the action. As the camera zooms closer into the house window the lighting colour changes to an orange bringing instant warmth to the scene as the little boy is seen happily beating his drum while mum works on her embroidery.

The house comes across as a safe environment to viewers as everything seems carm and happy. However as soon as the clock chimes an extreme close up is used to show an unusual scary figure of the grim reaper appearing out of the clock holding a scythe to the viewers surprise.

This brings an immediate bad vibe in the house atmosphere because the grim reaper is known to be very ghoulish and described by many people as the angel of death. I think this evil character was purposely used by the director to smartly introduce the horror side of the film to the story, as shortly after the boy bluntly stops playing.

His drums are taken away and he is sent to bed with a dim oil light. Whilst checking whether the coast is clear a close up is used on his face. You can see from the boy's eyes that there is a growing anxiety about his safety in him.

Instantly viewers are able to recognise he is scared because his anxious eye shifting movement is something that occurs in real life when scared. The director has reflected his fear onto us by showing his emotion through that facial expression. His eyes are unbelievably bigger than his pupils portraying his characters feelings in a particularly clever manner.

Because the characters don't speak through the film it makes it is hard for viewers to understand the characters thoughts and feelings. The boy's peculiar eye is used by the director for a way of emphasising the boy's emotions to viewers making his character easier to understand.

At this point you start to feel worried for the boy because he has gone from cheerful to panicky making the audience start to question "Why is the boy so scared? He is distracted by shadows, quaff and strange creepy noises making his journey upstairs seem very daunting.

As a viewer we can understand that the boy feels terrified making you feel wary of his safety but at the same time eager to know what happens next. Initially the biggest bit of tension in the film is when the boy prepares to walk the staircase.

The dramatic tension increase is influential to the scene as it brings instant thoughts that something bad is going to happen whether its now or later on in the film. As he slowly walks upstairs the music changes to a more sinister but light tone having a nerve wrecking effect on viewers. Similarly there is a change in camera angles on the double staircase from a wide to close up into high then low.

Combining these angles together show how patronizing the staircase seems to be for the boy as the stairs are so towering and long compared to him, with his only light source being a flimsy lantern to guide him there isn't much hope for him in this frightful situation.

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The black lighting is so dark in part of the scene that it overshadows the boys face bringing slight tension to viewers as we are still unaware of what's to be expected. Later when the boy does reach his room a high angle is shown of his bedroom showing the audience just how big and overpowering the room comes across to the boy.

As a viewer we can understand that the boy feels powerless and small. The whole room is dominated by darkness, apart from that little bit of moonlight casting an eerie light through the window.

This starts to build up fear that things will take a turn for the worse very soon. Eventually when the boy is in bed, his window flies open and he awakens to look at the moon where the sandman's face is formed prompting the boy to rub his eyes in disbelief. The figure has now disappeared leading viewers to believe that the sandman is just a fixture of the boys imagination, also bringing a sense of suspense to the film relating to the sandman's existence.

Movement is seen from underneath the boys bed, as he leans over to look he is surprised when a mouse jumps out and squeaks at him.

This is used as a typical horror comedy moment by the director to bring a sense of humour to the film or in viewers cases a sense of relief and confusion. As I imagine the complete reverse happened to what they thought might have occurred in that scene.the sandman paul berry essay help.

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the sandman paul berry essay help

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The sandman paul berry essays! Help desk officer cover letter. @derrenbrown: i'm mentioning 'apocalypse' in my msc dissertation! writing about zombies. is that cool enough to get 2 free tix to infamous?

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This essay is based on animated short film The Sandman by Paul Berry that was another one of my written pieces for English. active citizen essay holt mcdougal homework help you research paper wiki qld observation research paper quotes growing up as a military child essay masterarbeit einleitung beispiel essay essay on role of electronic media in our society elizabeth the golden age film critique essays irmgard harder euthanasia essay I'm so glad recommended this heartbreaking, beautifully written essay .

The sandman paul berry essay help