Semiconductors the silicon chip essay

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Semiconductors the silicon chip essay

Microprocessors I-Introduction Microprocessors have had a monumental impact on our society. Microprocessors are the heart of all computing and most electronic device. They are the basis of all the technological discoveries for the past two decades.

A microprocessor contains a semiconductor chip, most often built from silicon, at its heart. In this paper I am going to briefly explain the way semiconductors changed our life then explain their constitution and how they work. But, today we are touching the limits of currents methods and techniques so; I am going to expose what could be the future of Microprocessors.

II-A bit of history A microprocessor -- also known as a CPU or central processing unit -- is a complete computation engine that is fabricated on a single chip. The first microprocessor was the Intelintroduced in The was not very powerful -- all it could do was add and subtract, and it could only do that 4 bits at a time.

Microprocessors - Essay

But it was amazing that everything was on one chip. Prior to theengineers built computers either from collections of chips or from discrete components transistors wired one at a time.

The powered one of the first portable electronic calculators. Intel The first microprocessor to make it into a home computer was the Intela complete 8-bit computer on one chip, introduced in The first microprocessor to make a real splash in the market was the Intelintroduced in and incorporated into the IBM PC which first appeared around All of these microprocessors are made by Intel and all of them are improvements on the basic design of the The Pentium 4 can execute any piece of code that ran on the originalbut it does it about 5, times faster!

All these improvements were only possible with many technological and industrial discoveries involving new production techniques, more precise engraving, faster clock speeds and more. Below is a table that shows the evolution of Intel microprocessors since the 70s. It displays various data; Date: The year that the processor was first introduced.

Many processors are re-introduced at higher clock speeds for many years after the original release date. You can see that the number of transistors on a single chip has risen steadily over the years. For comparison, a human hair is microns thick. As the feature size on the chip goes down, the number of transistors rises.Gun Control in Canada Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report Gun Control is an important issue to Canadians in today’s society.

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Electronics History 4 - Transistors Some investigators were convinced that semiconductors could be given the powers of a triode as well.

In late that goal was . The indirect recombination should satisfy both conservation energy, and momentum. Thus besides a photon emission, phonon(See Appendix 3) emission or absorption has to take place. GaP is an example of an indirect band-gap material.

The giant leap forward in the diffusion of microelectronics in machine came in with the invention by an Intel engineer of Silicon Valley Ted Hoff, of microprocessor, that is the computer on a chip. (Click here for bottom) M m M.

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Semiconductors the silicon chip essay

In January , two small semiconductors firms, Chips and Technologies and NexGen Microsystems, announced their intentions to introduce compatible chips within the year. Many competitors claimed that their microprocessors would rival certain configurations of Intel’s i chip.

Electronics History 4 - Transistors - Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century