International migration

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International migration

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By Phillip Connor Sub-Saharan African nations account for eight of the 10 fastest growing international migrant populations sinceaccording to a Pew Research Center analysis of the latest United Nations data on the number of emigrants, or people living outside their country of birth.

At the country level, only Syria had a higher rate of growth in its number of people living in other countries. Some 25 million sub-Saharan migrants lived outside their countries of birth in And as international migration has increased, the breakdown of where sub-Saharan emigrants live has changed.

This has helped make African immigrants a small but fast-growing slice of the overall U. As ofnearly 1. Whether their destination is a neighboring country, Europe or the U. For example, reports indicate hundreds of thousands of emigrants from south of the Sahara Desert have gathered in Libya in hopes of crossing the Mediterranean into Europe.

Many live in overcrowded, crime-ridden camps while they wait to make the journey, with some allegedly even being sold in slave auctions.

International Migration

North African nations have also experienced decades of significant outmigration to Europe and other parts of the world. Inabout 5. Some 12 million Mexican immigrants live in the U. How receiving nations will respond remains to be seen.

Currently, Europe is sending money for development to assist African countries. This is the first in a series of posts, reports and data visualizations from Pew Research Center focused on migration from Africa to the U.Mixed movements (or mixed migration) refers to flows of people travelling together, generally in an irregular manner, over the same routes and using the same means of transport, but for different reasons.

International migration

The men, women and children travelling in this manner often have either been forced from their. Mar 09,  · The blog with the primary goal of presenting, explaining and (hopefully) starting a discussion on modern internal and international migration phenomenon.

Report of the Secretary-General on international migration and development (A/73/) The report analyzes recent levels and trends in global migration, reports on progress in developing indicators. The Migration Data Portal explains the "bigger picture". Statistics on migration appear in the media almost every day, but how much do we understand about international migration?

Infographic of . And as international migration has increased, the breakdown of where sub-Saharan emigrants live has changed.

In , 75% of emigrants from the region lived in other sub-Saharan countries, a share that dropped to 68% by Established in , IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and .

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