Good conspiracy theories to write about

The world is full of popular conspiracy theories.

Good conspiracy theories to write about

Comments Agatha Christie once famously said, "The simplest explanation is always the most likely. Conspiracy theories can attract a wide array of people, from vehement supporters to those who just like a good story.

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Kennedy was shot while riding in a presidential motorcade with his wife in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald was fingered as the gunman in the Texas School Book Depository that day, but he was shot and killed just two days later, which created a great deal of suspicion. Also, witnesses claim they heard shots coming from a grassy knoll near the motorcade, creating the mystery of the second shooter.

Princess Diana was killed on purpose. There are also optimists who believe she faked her death to escape the public eye. AIDS is a man-made disease. Those in the scientific community generally believe HIV originated from a strain of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus found in western African monkeys.

Conspiracy theories about why the government might have created the virus ranged from population control to the weakening of racial minority groups and gay people. This is currently the most researched conspiracy theory on the Internet.

Theories abound about the role of the U. Both versions center on the belief that Bush and company wanted to gain more power quickly and get the support of the people. Elvis never really left the building. Many people believe that Elvis is still alive and kicking.

The reasons for the faked death vary between him wanting to get away from the public to him being put under witness protection by the FBI for being a drug informant -- a rumor started by him meeting with Nixon in and telling him he wanted to help eradicate drug abuse.

At this point, the faked moon landing theory has mostly been debunked, but there are still a few ardent followers out there. They cite altered pictures and videos, missing design blueprints, and faulty recordings as evidence of the forgery.

One of the most popular reasons given for faking the famous moon walk is that the Kennedy administration wanted to win the "space race" with the Soviet Union and instill public faith in NASA.

good conspiracy theories to write about

That same day, the Roswell Army Air Field sent out a press release that stated a "flying disc" was found; later, this was retracted and the U. This slip sparked a huge conspiracy theory about the government attempting to cover up evidence of UFOs and alien existence ; some even say there were alien bodies found in the crash.

As a result, Roswell has become a big tourist spot for extraterrestrial enthusiasts. Global warming is a hoax. Gore, the United Nations, and Maurice Strong a man heavily involved in environmental politics are often named by conspiracy theorists as purveyors of the global warming "myth.

The most famous playwright in the world might not have existed at all. Others think that he did exist, but that he was simply a figure for another person to write plays through, such as Christopher Marlowe, Sir Francis Bacon, or Queen Elizabeth I. The main argument against Shakespeare is the fact that he was uneducated, which seems rather elitist.A conspiracy theory does not have to be untrue, but it is sure to contradict the usual, popularly-accepted version of the same event or phenomena.

Once a conspiracy theory becomes the accepted explanation, it stops being . Dec 29,  · The year saw conspiracy theories continue their migration from street-corner shouting to mainstream popular culture: the theories were everywhere, spouted by everyone, and were about.

The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History. This subcategory of conspiracy theory suggested a particular worldview: Stars were special people with special skills who had won.

Writing About Conspiracy Theories is that ultimately when you research and write about conspiracy theories, you are bound to end up facing tough decisions. it is a good idea to reflect. The top two conspiracy theories in the public domain that the JFK was shot actually assassinated by the CIA, the Mafia and even the Russians.

The first conspiracy theory claims that the CIA shot JFK. The Central Intelligence Agency is an organization that operates behind a shroud of secrecy.

- JFK: The Death of a Conspiracy There is a plethora of conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. They range from the incumbent of the former Soviet Union to organized crime.

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