Global communications problem

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Global communications problem

Companies that sell their products in other countries face considerable communication challenges. Digital marketing makes it possible to offer products throughout the world without having a physical presence in each territory. However, companies must ensure that content, such as technical information or legal notices, reflects local market requirements.

They must also communicate in a way that is acceptable to local cultural preferences.

Global communications problem

Localizing Communications To market products effectively in each export territory, companies must communicate in the local language. Generally, that means translating business communications, product information and marketing collateral.

Creating communications relevant to local market needs requires more than a translation of domestic content. Advertising copy, for example, must incorporate benefits that meet the needs of local buyers.

Product descriptions must comply with local regulations and practices. Localization agencies can provide a writing and translation service that takes account of local requirements. Using Consistent Product Terminology A major challenge for product manufacturers is ensuring that the names of products, components and spare parts are used consistently in every export territory.

Inconsistent product terminology can create problems in supplying the right product or part. Companies operating globally have tackled the problem by developing databases of product and technical terms, and providing translations of the terms to local distributors, technical authors and marketing agencies.

Terminology management ensures consistent communication and can reduce the risk of costly errors. Meeting Local Cultural Preferences Companies also must be aware of local cultural preferences in both verbal and written communication.

Using certain colors or images, for example, in marketing material may cause offense in some export territories.

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Some markets may find copy that has a strongly promotional tone unacceptable, preferring factual content. Communicating Through the Right Channels As well as knowing how to communicate, exporters must also know where to reach their audience.

In some territories, participating in trade fairs may be the most important route to market. The communications program should therefore include exhibition and presentation material. In countries with an established business media sector, advertisements, news releases and feature articles may be the most valuable form of communication.

Other territories might prefer personal communication through local agents or distributors.Fujitsu co-creates with customers to help them digitalize with confidence. We provide innovative IT services and digital technologies including cloud, mobile, AI and security solutions.

Together with our stakeholders we contribute to the future of society. GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols for second-generation digital cellular networks used by mobile devices such as was first deployed in Finland in December As of , it has become the global standard for mobile communications .

Telecommunications Essentials, Second Edition: The Complete Global Source (2nd Edition) [Lillian Goleniewski, Kitty Wilson Jarrett (editor)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

“In this updated and expanded edition of her excellent telecommunications primer, Lili explains in just the right detail everything you need to . Global Management One from NTT Communications - RIM service: One Service Delivery Platform, One Service Delivery Team, and One Service Delivery Methodology.

Global Strategies Group specialising in global defence and national security technology, software and systems. Founded by Damian Perl. Jun 25,  · Both large and small businesses often have a global reach.

If you have foreign clients, purchase raw materials abroad or lead tours internationally, cultural differences and communication problems.

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