Essay on dramatic poesy full text

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Essay on dramatic poesy full text

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Prose of Augustan Age 4. Drama of Augustan Age 4. Novel during Augustan Age 4. After studying this unit the students will locate the prescribed text into the literary period and understand the text in the light of the Augustan Period. In literature this period is known as the Augustan age.

This epithet serves to bring out the analogy between the first half of the eighteenth century and the Latin literature of the days of Virgil and Horace.

In both cases writers were largely dependent upon powerful patrons. In both case a critical spirit prevailed. In both cases the literature produced by a thoroughly artificial society was a literature, not of free creative effort and inspiration, but of self-conscious and deliberate art.

Some remarkable political and social changes began to take place in England during the closing years of William III and the accession of Queen Anne That had a great impact on the development of literature during this period.

The literature of this era was partly new and partly a continuance of that of the Restoration. This age may be divided into two periods: The period of transition is also known as the Age of Gray and Collins. Their political opinions and programmes were sharply divided. The Whig party stood for the pre-eminence of personal freedom and the Tory party supported the royal Divine Right.

The Tories objected to the foreign wars because they had to pay taxes to prolong them, while the trading class Whigs favoured the continuance of war because it contributed to their prosperity.

In order to propagate their ideologies and programmes both the parties utilised the services of literary men. And the politicians bribed the authors to join one or the other political party. The politicians took the authors into their confidence. Thus began the age of literary patronage.

Consequently, most of the writers showed a strong political bias. It was, in other words, a party literature. Literature was hounoured not for itself but for the sake of the party.

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The politics of the period helped to make it an age of political pamphleteering. And the writers were too willing to make the most of it. In order to get prominence in political struggle both parties issued a large number of periodicals.

The periodicals were the mouthpieces of their respective political opinions. Thus began the age of journalism and periodical essay.

The rise of periodical writing allowed great scope to the development of the literary talent of prose writers of the time. The real prose style— neat, simple, clear and lucid— was evolved during this period. In the words of Albert: A number of clubs and coffee houses came into existence.

They became the centres of fashionable and public life. The Coffee houses were dominated by either of the parties. The Coffee houses were the haunts of prominent writers, thinkers, artists, intellectuals and politicians.

Essay on dramatic poesy full text

They figured prominently in the writings of the day. The Coffee houses gave rise to purely literary associations, such as the famous Scribblers and Kit-cat clubs.

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In the first number of The Tattler, Richard Steele announced that the activities of his new Journal would be based upon the clubs. The discussions in coffee houses took place in polished, refined, elegant, easy and lucid style. Thus coffee houses also contributed to the evolution of prose style during the eighteenth century.

It resulted in a remarkable increase in the number of reading public. Consequently a large number of men took interest in publishing translations, adaptations and other popular works of the time.


They became the forerunners of modern public houses. They employed hack writers the writers who write for money without worrying about the quality of their writing of the war 1 assignment airplanes youtube argumentative essay organization university levels introduction to critical and creative thinking capability sace assignment.

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By John Dryden

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