City paper best of baltimore

Editor-in-chief Max Weiss previews the October issue of Baltimore magazine.

City paper best of baltimore

Explore more claims Photo by Kim Hairston Every day it hurts like hell, and my life is forever changed. You eventually start to give up on the dishes. Every time I think about it now, I think the same thing when I was laying on the floor: Hundreds of the claims filed since involved assaults on educators, according to a review of city data.

In claim summaries, they described the incidents in graphic terms: Employee is pregnant, went into labor. Also kicked in the back. Student grabbed him by legs, tackling him to ground and robbing him of tickets.

He threw the ball and hit me in the head. When walking from the classroom she kicked me in ankle. In office she kicked me in knee and hit face. I was pushed and slapped on left side of face.

Student slammed the door, hitting her in the abdomen. The student also threw a pencil at her, striking her left forehead. Though teachers receive training about handling fights, school police can help as well.

City paper best of baltimore

Suspension data are a more reliable gauge of school safety and student-teacher relations, Edwards said. The largest single category: And such incidents can leave other scars. And Edwards said the district has begun emphasizing to teachers that they should rely on trained professionals, such as school police, to handle situations.

Thompson Guerrier, a para-educator at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School, said teachers have little choice but to intervene. One of his claims stemmed from breaking up a minutes-long fight between two young boys that spilled from the classroom into the hallway.

It would be one of at least three fights he broke up that day, he said. We are adults, and they are minors. Guerrier, 45, said most of his time in his fourth-grade special-education classroom last year was spent pulling students off each other, and this year is no different.

Sometimes the strains to his back, neck and elbow were instant, Guerrier said. But he was denied compensation for a separate claim in which he said he was injured breaking up another fight; he is appealing that decision in Circuit Court. He also is appealing a claim related to an assault in December Baltimore County has recorded teacher injury claims in recent years, as has Howard County, which is consistently ranked as one of the best-performing districts in the state.

Incident but no injury. Injury to back and right hand.Baltimore (/ ˈ b ɔː l t ɪ m ɔːr /) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Maryland, and the 30th-most populous city in the United States..

Baltimore was established by the Constitution of Maryland and is an independent city that is not part of any county. With a population of , in , Baltimore is the largest independent city in the United States.

Readers Poll - Best of Baltimore September 21st, The City Paper Readers Poll voted Saints and Sinners one of the Top 3 studios in Baltimore to get a tattoo for the second year in a row. BmoreArt is Best Cultural Resource in Baltimore!

Bmoreart is a creative and critical daily online journal. We believe that Baltimore's creative class deserves to be discussed, critiqued, and well-informed. BESTIE Bash (September 15, ) Baltimore City Paper’s “Best of Baltimore” party lived up to its rep as a major blowout.

Folks jammed Baltimore Soundstage to celebrate the weekly’s annual awards of what – and who – is tops around town.


Owned by Brittany Chase,The Beatnik Barbershop was Founded in by Barber Peter Babones. We're located in historic Mt. Vernon, and are convienient from downtown, and the surrounding areas. Jul 07,  · The Baltimore City Paper — the free alternative weekly that has provided news, music and arts information for 40 years — will be closed this year by its owner, the Baltimore .

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