Chakra project

Remember - you are not your process - underneath it all, you are perfection. Depending on the chakras being stimulated, the signs and symptoms of this releasing or "processing" vary. When stuck energies are released, you may have tingling sensations and or heat in your body especially in your spine, head, hands and feet.

Chakra project

Earth Chakras, Sacred Sites, and their locations

Resonance of being Body Association: Neck, throat, jaw, ears, voice, trachea, brochial tubes, upper lungs, esophagus and arms Gland: Thyroid, which regulates the transformation of food into energy via our metabolism.

It also controls the iodine metabolism and the balance of calcium in our blood and tissue. It starts at the cervical vertebra and opens towards the front. It is also connected to a small secondary chakra which has its seat in the neck and opens to the back.

Since the two chakras are so closely related, they have been integrated as one. The Throat Chakra is the center of the human capacity of expression, communication and inspiration and Chakra project connected to a smaller secondary chakra, which has its seat in the neck and opens to the back.

Since they are so closely linked, they are integrated together as the Throat Chakra. As an important link between the lower chakras and the Crown Chakra, the Throat Chakra serves as a bridge between our Chakra project and feeling, impulses and reactions.

How To Select The Right Chakra Stone

Here we express our laughter, crying, feelings of love and happiness, anxiety, aggressiveness, intentions, desires, as well as our ideas, knowledge and perceptions of the inner worlds. The Throat Chakra enables us to reflect on our thoughts and actions. The more we develop the Throat Chakra, the more aware we are of our mental body and our ability to distinguish between our mental and emotional, ethereal and physical bodies.

As a result, our thoughts are no longer dominated by our feelings and physical sensations. Ether is regarded in Yoga teaching as the basic element which forms the lower chakras -- earth, water, fire and air.

The light blue color of ether is the medium of the spoken word and the communicating element of information.

Chakra project

If we are calm and listen to our inner and outer space, we will be granted the deepest level of knowledge, known as the Akasha the astral light where all the events, thoughts and feelings that have occurred since the beginning of time are recorded.

We communicate our inner life through the spoken word, as well as through gestures and creative forms of expression ie. The Sacral Chakra and the Throat Chakra link with the energies of the other chakras into an etheric form which is communicated to the outside world.

Since we can only express that which we find in ourselves, we need to distance ourselves in order to reflect on our thoughts and actions. The Throat Chakra enables us this certain distance.

In other words, we need to develop the Throat Chakra in order to become more conscious of our mental body and distinguish between the factors of the mental, emotional, ethereal and physical bodies.

In this way our thoughts are no longer dominated by feelings and physical sensations.


Hearing is also assigned to the Throat Chakra. Open your ears and listen to the voices of Creation. Here we also hear our inner voice and communicate with our inner spirit and receive inspiration. You express your inner honesty towards yourself and others by your upright posture.

You possess the ability to fully express yourself with your entire personality, and at the same time, you remain silent and listen to others with all your heart and understanding. Your speech is imaginative and colorful and perfectly clear, and your voice is full and melodious.

When faced with difficulties and resistance you are able to say "no" -- if that is what you truly mean. You are not swayed or manipulated by people's opinions.

You maintain your independence, freedom and self-determination. You have no prejudices. You are open and aware of the reality of the subtle dimensions from which you receive the guidance of your inner voice. You trust yourself in the hands of this guidance. You possess the capability to communicate directly with life of all spheres of existence, and where applicable, you pass the knowledge you have gained onto others without fearing their reactions and opinions.

The only feelings you permit are those which you have self-judged and that do not contradict the judgement of the people around you.Jun 08,  · How to Open Your Third Eye. In Hinduism, the third eye symbolizes a higher state of consciousness through which you can perceive the world.

Using traditional meditation techniques, you can open up this chakra and gain a deeper, more. Signs and Symptoms Experiencing the Healing Energies. THE CHAKRAS. As the healing energies are working in various chakra centers, you are likely to experience a lot of old repressed memories, sensations and feelings all part of your "Process".

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Chakra Project initiative is a community based project in north India, working for the social, spiritual and economic empowerment of those girls, who haven't had a chance or in most cases not given a chance to go to schools or colleges and had the opportunity to have the basic school education.

We sell reiki jewelry and chakra stones beautiful semi precious stone and crystal jewelry and unique gift items that have innate properties of healing. While project management can be a very complicated and dry subject, we have attempted to make the subject easy to comprehend and identify the necessary skills and learned behaviors a project manager needs to succeed.

The practice and eventual mastery of this technique serves the Living Earth by strengthening and expanding the flow between the Holy Grail within the Heart of the Phoenix and the Emerald Rose-Omega Point within the Tor-Throat Chakra of the Phoenix.

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