British airways swot analysis essays

British isles airways Plc and many other subsidiaries companies make the complete Uk Airways group. Presently, British Airways BA protects more than vacation spots. United kingdom airways main business working hub location is London's Heathrow airport which serves the business with large physical area.

British airways swot analysis essays

The significance of strategic management in an organization is highly challenging and requires sustainable resources to formulate and implement. The strategic direction of an airline must encompass a successful sustainable business strategy that enables the airline to compete with an advantage.

To achieve this there must be some elements in the strategy that can attract buyers to their products and services, and thus have a lasting preference for using this company instead of its competitors.

This is most notable in its first class passenger service.

SWOT analysis

The key questions to ask in determining a strategic direction of the company is to include where do we want to be in the future and how to get there? Does our quality of service match our price and customers?

In order to answer these questions there must be a clear cut line of communication, a specific type of culture in place to shape and create a standardized level of quality service, and develop mutual relationships among employees that encourages innovative ideas so the company can attain strong customer approval and high quality service.

InBritish Airways most recent strategic directional change came from the multi-national merger with Iberia Airlines and the creation of sixth largest airline group in the world. Due to this successful merger with Iberia and further acquisition plans of other airlines through its parent company, British Airways future strategic direction looks promising.

Firstly, British Airways has not only proven to be a market leader, they have shown that their service qualities have improved due to acquiring other airlines and combining them into their business and enlarging their network scope.

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Secondly, the revenue generated from increasing their customer market base by acquiring other airlines has shown an increase in revenue stream throughout their network that can be swiftly invested in new products and services.

The acquisition strategy is most effective when it comes to the business market segment. In conclusion, British Airways strategic direction and intent for the future is of a view that the airline can achieve its premium service quality regardless of the barriers the airline has faced throughout the past several years.

British airways swot analysis essays

However, its future strategy can easily be achieved with IAG. All factors considered, BA can and will have a brighter future if their management can successfully implement their new strategic goals, objectives and effectively utilize their new global asset IAG to drive their business through any future unforeseen economic crisis or environmental uncertainties.For this exercise, the group has selected British Airways, to aid creation of a meaningful SWOT analysis, a PEST analysis has also been carried out to provide essential background information (appendix 02).

SWOT Analysis of British Airways: The strengths of BA are its brand image, alliances, its size and stability and its sole access to LHR terminal 5.


The weakness are its reliability and trust aspect, laggards in terms of innovation and change and its employee management. WritePass - Essay Writing - Dissertation Topics [TOC]Introduction:BA Strategy:Resource Based Theory:SWOT Analysis of British Airways:References:Related Introduction: Strategic planning is the process that an organization undertakes to ascertain its mission and way forward.

British Airways Swot Analysis Essay. Introduction. The turning competence in the air hose industry is besides subjected in the different economic uncertainnesss - British Airways Swot Analysis Essay introduction.

Due to the high hazards in the globalisation. the assurance of . British airways Plc and many other subsidiaries companies make the whole British Airways group.

A SWOT analysis of British Airways

Currently, British Airways(BA) covers more than destinations. According to the data of the year /09, more than 34 million passengers have travelled through British Airways. The British Airways has a long history and airlines cover countries; include airplanes. The BA Company includes 50, workers to be in the service, which is one of the largest employers and employees in the United Kingdom.

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