All about my mother pans

Mother of 2 daughters and grandmother of 6. I have enjoyed writing online since March It is my work, my play, my hobby, and my passion Finding the Safest Cookware is Not Quite as Simple as it Might First Appear to Be I was shocked when I discover that Teflon and other non-stick cooking surfaces could contain a toxin that is transferable not only through the surface of the pan itself but also through the air that permeates out from the cooking process. I chucked my non-stick pans the same day that I learned exactly how harmful they are.

All about my mother pans

This cookware is cheap, traditional, and allegedly healthier. Cast iron pans have been used for hundreds of years.

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They tend to retain heat for cooking and can be used over an open flame. I get tons of questions on Facebook asking what kind of cookware I use and recommend. Even though they are less expensive than other types of pans, I personally haven't fallen in love with cast iron pans — here's why: Transferring food to a plate from a pan of this weight is dangerous to the integrity of your wrists as well as for the risk of dropping burning hot food or the pan itself.

I'm not convinced of their health benefits The Journal of the American Dietetic Association tested 20 different foods cooked in cast iron and other metal pans. They found that every food cooked in cast iron had a much higher iron content than foods cooked in other types of metal.

For example, a scrambled egg raw has about 1. For people who already get plenty of iron from a healthy nutrient dense diet, added iron may not be necessary and even toxic. The standard American diet is overly supplemented with iron-enriched cereals and other packaged processed foods.

Unfortunately, it doesn't makes sense to cook mom and junior's food in cast iron and cook dad and grandma's dinner in another pan. Cleaning a cast iron pan is also a time investment. Soap can be used but rarely and the pan needs to be dried immediately after washing.

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If left in the sink holding water, the pan can start to rust quickly which then calls for re-seasoning from scratch. What I use instead: Stainless is durable, scratch resistant, non-reactive and much lighter weight than cast iron.

For slow cook dishes when I'm not using my slow cookerI love my enamel coated cast iron French Oven. I wouldn't mind having one of theseeither. The enamel coating negates all of the disadvantages with seasoning and cleaning but has amazing heat retention and makes helps the toughest cuts of meat to melt into your mouth.

Scan pan until… A few years ago, I discovered a new non-stick pan: Made of an aluminum core with a titanium coating, is touted to be a safer choice than regular non-stick.

My hubby and I loved the non-stick, un-scratchable performance.

All about my mother pans

I felt good about this pan for a long while. Then I decided to do some more research. So back to the drawing board. I've found two new pans that will meet our daily cooking needs AND would be healthier for my family.

First, this All Clad stainless skillet. Plus this pan is great when you're browning meat and then deglazing the pan for the sauce. Next, I purchased a Cuisinart GreenGourmet hard-anodized nonstick skillet.

This pan works great with fast clean up for eggs and other sticky foods. It's also perfect for reheating leftovers — in lieu of a microwave.

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While it's not likely to last much longer than a year I've had two of these beforethe price is right for replacing a high use pan that is also non-toxic…until someone invents the perfect nontoxic, non-stick, pan.

Do you use cast iron in your kitchen? What are your favorite pots and pans? Wise Nutrition Want more delicious simplicity in your life? Even for the most organized families, getting healthy and delicious dinner on the table can be such a challenge.

All about my mother pans

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